Brief Notes on Laptop

384616-lenovo-ideapad-z400-touchThe 21st Century has been all about convenience. People want everything to be readily available at the push of a button, easily packed up and brought wherever they go, and multi-functional so as to eliminate the need for other things. While smart phones and tablets seem to run the world, the necessity for “real computers” still stands. Whether it be for schoolwork, office work, computations, compositions, and the like, the demand for a big screen and a tangible keyboard remains high.

With that being said, function and convenience intertwine in the building of a good laptop. With their versatility, diversity and portability, they have easily become one of the basic necessities for everyone, finding their ways into practically every household. With newer models boasting even more features and easier interfaces, it can be said that their utility will continue to rule the technological age of today.micromax_canvas_lapbook-624x351

Taking a look at today’s newest and most popular laptop models, we begin to see new trends emerge, separating them from the simplicity of the earliest of their kind.  Here is a quick look at the laptop categories dominating the market today.

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            In addition to the common functionality of an ordinary laptop, gaming laptops boast higher performance speeds, better graphics, and larger memory. These features make them more suitable for heavy-duty games such as RPGs, online games and the like. Although gaming is still dominated by the PC, gaming laptops are beginning to emerge as suitable options for gamers whom are constantly on the go.



            These high-end subnotebooks feature slim bodies and ultra lightweight frames while still maintaining ample battery life. However, with the limited space available on the ultrabook body itself, it compromises certain aspects of an average laptop such as the disc drives and connection ports. This sub-category of laptop most highly appeals to people who seek easy storage and portability.



The newest and most promising of the laptop categories, the hybrid includes detachable features, thus making the laptop’s touch screen into a convertible tablet. These models feature the best of both worlds, allowing users to enjoy the features of two separate gadgets in one. In addition, several tablets are now being sold with separate accessories such as keyboards that are connected via Bluetooth.


Hybrid Bikes: The Best of all Worlds

Hybrid Bikes: The Best of all Worlds

Buying a new bike is harder than buying a car or house. So why not buy an all-in-one bike, a multi-purpose hybrid that can solve all your problems.

An Offspring Solution

‘Will I need electricity for it?’ That’s the question mostly associated with the word ‘Hybrid.’ The answer is no, obviously. Bikes don’t need electricity. Best hybrid bikes for men are hybrid because they are a Swiss-knife of bikes. By nature, bikes are already adaptable machines to their environments. Hybrid bikes, however, goes one step forward and revolutionize the standard of bikes by ten-folds.

Why Chose Hybrids?

First of all, it carries all the facilities of a normal bike, as well as other bikes, in one place. And the list continues:

  1. They are designed in such a way that they can be effective on the road and adapt on off-roading. The tires are designed to adjust between smooth road traveling and sustain its life against nature in rough environments.
  2. While performance is always the priority, you can neglect comfort. Mountain bikes and touring bikes differ in this way. One provides comfort, and the other provides performance. Hybrid bikes, on the contrary, are one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. Handlebars are designed in such a way that you are in a relaxed cycling position which eliminates back, shoulder or neck pain usually occurring on dedicated road bikes.
  3. With all the utilities packed, one might think that hybrid bikes would be heavier than usual bikes. This is untrue. Hybrid bikes are very light, but they are heavier than most road bikes.

The Small Details

This is where one might think that why isn’t a hybrid car just another mountain bike. Well, mountain bikes are usually used at hills, for climbing trails and steep paths. They generally have lower gear ratios for this purpose. This means disaster for horizontal traveling. Hybrids, on the other hand, have both low and high gears which is better for both situations.

Comfort Zone

Let’s get to the seating area. Hybrid bikes have padded seats with the sometimes suspension at the seat posts. That helps a lot if sometimes you accidently ride over a pothole. The suspension absorbs the shock, and you are free of that pain. The front suspension is also a must-have to ensure a safe riding.

Gear Up And Lets Roll

Shopping for gears is a tedious process, but it’s a smart payoff. Bikes have gears from 16 all the way to 30, these days, but it’s not that important on a hybrid if you are just commuting. However, if you are touring or going long distances, then take great care in making that decision for better. Most importantly, make sure you have the best quality gears fit-in-your bike. No compromises there.

Hold Up

Hybrid bikes are fitted with a linear braking system which is great for stopping quickly and safely. But fitting disc brakes gives you more control while braking and they are more effective in muddy or wet conditions. Recommendations aside, for your safety it is essential that you must have working brakes.

The Advantages of Owing a Folding Bike

What Are the Benefits of A Folding Bike?


There are some reasons why people choose a folding bike over stylish cars to commute more often. But the most common reason behind this is the high-end features, which are offered to get you the best of your travelling.

But is that all? No, it does not end up there. There are some benefits of a folding bike.

The folding bike is lightweight and portable. When it is folded, you can carry around without any hassle. With such minimum effort, you can carry it while you are on the bus, or put in your trunk easily. Therefore, you can also store it in the corner of your house or other small place. This is absolutely helpful feature for those who are space conscious.


The second benefit is the folding itself. Easy to fold and unfold, it offers remarkable flexibility that can be cherished by the users. You can store it easily and use it whenever you need it without wasting your time. Most quality-folding bike takes around 1 minute to fold and unfold. So in case you are using it for urgency, it will be ready anytime.


Despite the lightweight body, it has strong and durable structure, which makes the unit, is usable for rigorous activities. For commuters, it is definitely the savior for them. No matter what is your purpose in using folding bike, you can rest assured that the bike won’t leave you so soon. That’s why it is obligatory to seek the finest unit on the market to get the best from the unit.


Coming with some added perks that you can find from one to another, the manufacturers do not neglect the style and design of the bike. Honestly, no one wants to purchase functional folding bikes but dull in appearance.




Besides the features and mobility, riding-folding bike also gives many benefits in term of health. Commuting is an easy form of routine exercise. Without having to go to the gym or spend more for other exercises, folding bike is more than enough investment.

Aside from improving heart health, it also does great for overall health. It is also a way to keep our environment healthy and safe. When biking, that means you decrease the carbon emission and contribute a huge favor to the nature.

If you are interested in those remarkable benefits, use folding bike more often and do great things with it. Have a nice ride!

What are the Best Rated Soundbars in 2016? Find Out


The television companies are working on making TVs slimmer and good looking every day, but in order to make the television more appealing they are neglecting the sound system and its getting worse with each set which looks gorgeous than the last. Because of this the need of SoundBars is increasing, instead of spending dollars on a stereo system most people settle with soundbars which are equally good as a stereo systems but lower in price and less complicated. Here are some of the top rated sound bars of this year.


  • Philips Fidelio B5:

The Philips Fidelio B5 is an impressive system, and one of the soundbar for people who appreciate good cinema sound but do not want to make their living room a mess by installing a surround sound system which will cover the entire place. With the Philips Fidelio you can pick and choose your movie moments on a whim. It features Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Digital Surround decoding which creates a pretty decent surround sound experience This SoundBar is combination of convenience and good audio. It’s transformative surround sound this soundbar a great option for movie fans who can’t afford a surround system but want the similar experience.


  • Q Acoustics Media 4:

Q Acoustics Media 4 is one of the top soundbars in the market. The design of the system is a bit dull but it’s construction is as solid as rock. It has a single optical input which can’t handle Dolby Digital nor its has an HDMI. This model is simply a broad, powerful and refined soundstage with no modes of volume which you can adjust, you just get to hear what you get. The vocals of the soundbar are rich and warm. Unlike other soundbars which come with a separate subwoofer the Q Acoustics Media 4 comes with a built-in subwoofer, which is durable and nuanced. It also has built in Bluetooth.


  • Yamaha YSP-2500

If you are more in to hard core home cinema sound then the Yamaha YSP-2500 is the right soundbar for you. It has HDMI ports which are compatible with 4K. This soundbar uses produces a convincing surround sound with it’s16 tiny beam drivers and a separate wireless subwoofer, which use the Blu-ray DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD bitstreams. It offers several sound modes so its users can experiment different modes of sound.


  • Sonos Playbar:

The Sonos Playbar is a non-HDMI device, it uses optical to hook up to a television set. It delivers a great sonic boost to your television listening, all on its own. To operate the Sonos Player you are required to have a smartphone or tablet app. The benefit of this is that you can easily tune in to a Sonos wireless system, and can make the front three speakers act like a 5.1 surround system.


  • Canton DM 50:

The Canton DM 50 stands out among all other soundbars because of its neat design, exceptionally good build quality and top notch sound quality. This soundbar just does not work great with one genre of sound but gives its users a great experience with regular daytime TV, complex movie soundtracks and streamed music. It has a built in Bluetooth which lets you play music from your phone or tablet. It has a grille on the front which displays the scrolling when powered up, this also helps in operating the base. The entire design of the Canon DM 50 is designed logically. You can also train the system for adjusting volume from your television remote.


A56-001Any true gamer will tell you that a good gaming PC is well worth the money you invest in it. The last thing you would want is for your computer to lag, hang, or crash in the middle of a big game. You’d also hate to suffer from low-end graphics which can suck the life out of your favorite game. But of course, as much as you’d like to buy every top-of-the-line PC component so you can build the best computer possible, the price range can reach out to the outrageous.

maxresdefaultCommonly, building a good gaming rig will cost you about 2000 USD or more, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build a decent PC at a fraction of that cost. While budget builds are easier to assemble, picking out the right line-up or parts can prove to be a real challenge. This guide may not give you specific branded parts, but it may help you determine what may suit your pricing and function needs. Here is a quick rundown of the things you’ll need and how they should be:

  1. First of  all you need to decide on the monitor. There are many different types of monitors; however, I would suggest you go for a 24 inch.
  2. A quad-core CPU with at least 3MB of cache, hyper-threading and at least 3.2GHz of clock speed – pricing between $115-$180
  3. A GPU that performs well at 1080p with at least 30fps at 97 percentile – pricing at about $200
  4. A Motherboard that delivers all the basic connections (USB and Bluetooth), and is compatible with all your other components – pricing between $120-$160
  5. Memory of at least 8GB, offers XMP 2.0 support (it never hurts to pick a trusted brand) – pricing at $30-$50
  6. HDD of at least 1TB that spins at more than 5400RPM. Spending more money on your HDD eliminates the need for an SDD and guarantees smoother gameplay. – pricing between $50-$150it_photo_907579303667_lrg
  7. A high quality power supply with 80+ efficiency rating, semi/fully-modular with detachable cables – pricing at $70-$90
  8. A case that fits your space, build, and personal style. You’ll want to find one that will accommodate all your PC components, without being too big for the surface you intend to put it on – priced at around $50

All in all, with this guide, you’ll be able to build a decent gaming rig with a budget of around $700. Though it might not be the build of your dreams, it will be enough to get the job done without requiring you to dig deep into your pocket. And remember, there’s always room for upgrading.