Mode of Travel for Rural Life – Bikes All the Way

Do you think cars and motorcycles are the only mode staple modes of transport in the world? Think again because there IS life outside of cities where luxuries like a combustion engine does not exist.

We are talking about places and people who rely solely on animals and their own muscles as the mode of transports. This may sound like an extinct idea from pre 1850s era. But it is still a reality for a majority of the people out there.

One of our passions is learning about the simple folks of the world. In our effort to travel and photography the rural areas of indo-pak area, we have inherited plenty of insight in the lives of these simple folks.

Donkey Carts

donky carts

First up is the all time favorite – Donkey carts. Donkeys are widely used across rural and underdeveloped world as a prime for of transport for goods.

I use the word “underdeveloped” here because that is what we are used to hearing when we see a place that is not a hustling and bustling city. I do not agree to the idea that terms represents. They may be underdeveloped in terms of modern day technology but more developed in terms of happiness and quality of sleep.

The only issue I have here is animal abuse. I can only imagine what some of these animals must be going through. But you cannot possibly judge a person who earns less than $1 per day.

This mode of transportation isn’t just limited to donkeys. There are horse, Ox and even camel carts.


cyclesCycling is still a profound mode of transportation for rural areas of the world. To imagine that someone would use his/her own energy to travel – quite not comprehensible for us on our high horse.

Plus, the cycles used aren’t what you would quite imagine. These bicycles are very old. Some even passed down by their fathers as heirloom.

While we sit here and talk about Best hybrid bikes for men, there are people out there who have been happily riding 25-30 years old bike.


womenThere you have it. As an unfathomable as it sounds, people still do walk kilometers upon kilometers just to get to the nearest source of water.

Yes, people really are that simple and untouched by capitalism. Yes, people are really that poor to not have enough money to buy a water bottle. Yes, people really are that attached to their way of life.

It doesn’t matter if you think that is beneath you. The fact is, our way of life is not the answer to happiness. We are begging to realize the more we advance technologically.

Did you know that millennials are more depressed than any other generation? Here is a research that talks about this.