Lahooti Live Sessions – A Review

Lahooti Live Session – a phenomenon that has struck a deep cord in me. It is our passion manifested in music. While we try to capture this essence from out photographs, this idea captures it via music. Never has our travel and adventures met something as strong as this.  Music, along with photography, is a hobby that is we hold dearly in our hearts especially if it takes it roots from simplicity.

What is Lahooti Live Session?

These are sessions organized and introduced by a visionary Saif Samejo from Sindh, Pakistan who has made a platform to promote indigenous music.

Here is a musical track produced by Lahooti Live Session that shows its essence.

Jai Ram Jogi – Bheen (Malhaar)

Here is another

Maro Re Balam

Moments Lahooti Live Sessions – Intro Video

So now we hope you get what Lahooti Live Sessions is all about. It is about promoting the folk music from the Indo-pak. To bask in the essence of this music, you do need to have an acquired taste. It is quite out of the ordinary and not meant for all ears just as metal is not music for the masses.

It also beats the norm of listening to the same 4 or 5 pieces of musical instruments cleverly arranged on a computer software. This is what pure talent looks like that trickles down from generations to generations.

The music here is nothing more like a secret recipe that has been passed down from a mother to a daughter.

It is pleasure and an honor to listen to this music live in person.

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