The Most Notable Activities of Pakistani Youth

Pakistan has one of the largest youth in the world. Even though the country is underdeveloped, the youth is extremely proactive. Like the youth of any country in today’s time, Pakistani youth has also been globalized as well as influenced by the western media.

You can see several of the western activities creeping into the Pakistani society.


Even though most of the things that considered normal in western world are considered illegal in Pakistan, the Youth still finds it ways. For example, alcohol, and dance parties have become a normal activity in the elite spheres of Pakistani youth.


Other than that, most of the youth is a lot into gaming. You see a lot of the Pakistani kids now going around with their gaming laptop. Although they go for the most affordable gaming laptop because of the prevailing purchasing power parity of the country, the youth is still highly enthusiastic about their gaming.

pakistan youth 2


The youth of Pakistan is highly politicized and very politically oriented. Most of the discussion that do take place are regarding politics one way or another.

Although this is highly encouraged in any youth of a country, in a place like Pakistan, things also get a bit violent. Differences give rise to hatred, hatred than inevitably turns into physical harm.


Almost all of Urban youth population of the country is educated. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the rural population. The vast majority of the youth lives in the rural parts of the country. Sadly, due to lack of a proper education infrastructure in the rural country and prevailing feudal system, education is left on the back burner by most families who seek child labor to support their families.

The youth of Pakistan hold a lot of potential if given a proper platform. However, due to the various labeling and media trial against the country, the average person has been neglected.

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