Sain Zahoor – the Image of Pakistani Folk Music

sain zahoor

I first came across the soulful music from Sain Zahoor a few years back in his debut song at Coke Studio, Pakistan, where he sang Aik Alif.

It was a collaboration with many leading musician of the country. The song was sung along with a lock rock band called Noori.

From the beginning to the end, Sain Zahoor mesmerized me with his passionate and deeply resounding tone. The tone, the attitude and the pitch of the voice cannot possibly be explained in words.

I would rather have you have a listen to it yourself.

Aik Alif, Noori & Saieen Zahoor – Coke Studio, Pakistan

The song itself holds and immense and emotional meaning to it and it is further emphasized by the beautiful and blissful voice of Sain Zahoor.

The theme, the setup, the personality, the song, and the overall act put together in this live show is everything we as folklore lovers dream for.

Folk photography is great, we think a picture can speak a million words but music doesn’t need to speak words. It transcend that barrier altogether.

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