Building Your Podcast Brand

Building your image might sound to you like an expression that has a place in a corporate meeting room and doesn’t make a difference to your web recording. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base. However much you might feel like a modest free digital broadcast maker, the reality stays that there to assemble your webcast crowd you must market your web recording.

A piece of that showcasing plan ought to incorporate structure your web-based brand and sorting out some way to advertise it.

On the off chance that you resemble me, you were conceived, unfortunately, without a solitary showcasing bone in your body. So here are the rudiments of making a brand for your digital broadcast.

Web recording Name

This might come effectively for some of you, the name of your web recording might have been the main thing that you made when you chose to do a digital broadcast. On the off chance that you haven’t picked a webcast name yet, the following are a couple of proposals to consider.

Your webcast name should integrate with your web recording point by one way or another. In case you are podcasting about sewing it’s a horrible idea to call your webcast the SuperNova Podcast. That might seem like sound judgment to some of you, however I have seen some insane digital broadcast names out there.

Try not to make your web recording title something dark that you will appreciate yet others will discover confounding. You need a name that is effectively recognizable and engaging for your web recording crowd so they will recall you. Now and then you can face a challenge and give your digital recording a peculiar name and desire to be essential on the grounds that the name is so unique, this is a major bet and once in a while you gotta realize when to crease them.

In the event that you anticipate having a site, and I energetically suggest you do, then, at that point, you ought to bring your site into thought too. In the event that you will enlist your own area for your site, you will need to pick a name for Podcasts your digital recording for which the site space is as yet accessible. In the event that your webcast is named The SuperNova Podcast yet that space is now taken thus you register you will befuddle your crowd and there will be a distinction there. It would be a superior choice just to rename your digital recording AstronomyCast.


Having a slogan is discretionary, there are a great deal of effective web recordings that don’t have a particular slogan however now and then they are pleasant when balancing a brand. Once in a while slogans can be utilized to expand on a digital broadcast title that you needed to abbreviate on the grounds that it was excessively long.

Call your webcast AstronomyCast, and have your slogan be – SuperNovas, Black Holes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Shading Scheme

I can’t pressure enough how significant the shading plan for your web recording is. It will make an interpretation of in all cases to all of the showcasing you do. On the off chance that you race to settle on a choice on shading and, you adjust your perspective later on, it will make for a great deal of work as you need to return and yet again plan your site, logos, business cards, all the other things. In case you’re not shading facilitated, surf the web and look at the destinations you regular. See what sort of shading plans they are utilizing and attempt to find out about what works and what doesn’t work for you, then, at that point, make an interpretation of that into what you think accommodates your digital recording. Additionally focus on what tones individuals use for foundations text and so on For a many individuals having a dark foundation and white text is hard to peruse, search for patterns like that and stay away from them assuming there is any chance of this happening.

Ensure that you have invested sufficient energy choosing a shading plan that you will be content with it for the long stretch. If I somehow happened to change the shading plan on my site with next to no notice, many individuals who continuous the site day by day would contemplate whether they had arrived on some unacceptable site, just in view of the extreme change for all intents and purposes. You never need to befuddle or astonish your crowd that way.

I talk about shading plans a ton since this was one of the spaces that I flopped in wretchedly when I began my first digital broadcast. That web recording went through something like 4 distinctive shading plans and website re-plans before I at last observed one to be that I enjoyed. Each time I changed the plan, my site traffic to a plunge and it required a significant stretch of time to bring those individuals back in. In the event that I had recently invested more energy in the planning of my image and site I wouldn’t have needed to strive to revamp the crowd that I had lost.


The logo is significant on the grounds that it will regularly be your Avatar too. It will be your picture in the iTunes catalog, will be shown on your site, on business cards, all over the place. In case you are not a visual craftsman I prescribe discovering one to make a logo for you. This necessities to look proficient, a logo that looks custom made won’t give the initial feeling that you need for your web recording. You will need one that looks somewhat more cleaned.

On the off chance that you can stand to employ somebody to do this for you, there are various organizations that do logo plan. In the event that you are on a tight podcasting spending plan, I would suggest one of two choices:

· Ask a companion who is a visual craftsman to do the plan for you

· Go to your neighborhood school and post a promotion in the workmanship office requesting help for an insignificant charge. Workmanship understudies are regularly searching for ways of extending their portfolio. Proposition to interface back to their site in the event that they have one and notice them in your digital recording.