Don’t Hide Your Podcasting Light Under a Bushel, Part 1

Individuals make web recordings since they need to be heard. Organizations, specifically, digital broadcast as a feature of their advertising, PR, or financial backer relations programs. However an astounding number of digital broadcasts are difficult to come by, difficult to pay attention to, or difficult to recognize whenever you’ve placed them on your MP3 player.

Around here at the Podcast Asylum, we call the two most normal obstructions podcasters erect among themselves and audience members Podcastus Inhopsitus (the antagonistic digital recording) and Podcastus Incognitus (the unidentified webcast). How about we take them each in turn.

Podcastus Inhospitus

This is the web recording that is hard to track down, hard to pay attention to, hard to buy into, and hard to remark on-or any mix of the abovementioned. Normal reasons for this condition include:

Not utilizing a digital broadcast blog to post show notes and give space to audience members to remark.
Not giving an immediate connection from the show blog or site to the webcast membership feed.
Not giving any guidelines regarding how to buy in either on the site or inside the introduction and outro on the recording.
Not giving a “tick to play” choice on the show blog for the people who like to tune in at their PCs.
Utilizing an exclusive sound document design which just chips away at specific convenient media players.
Not having an audience remark line and remark email address, or not informing audience members regarding them in each and every show.
Not reacting to audience remarks when you in all actuality Stephen Hays do get them.

I as of late found a webcast a generally excellent one, too-which experienced practically this multitude of issues. I couldn’t have ever learned with regards to it if another podcaster hadn’t referenced it while meeting the liable show’s host. The digital broadcast is just accessible through iTunes, is distributed in Apple’s exclusive AAC design, has no show blog, no snap to-play choice, and no remark line. The podcaster just incidentally welcomes audience members to contribute sentiments, without giving clear bearings regarding how to do as such.

She should set up a spiked metal perimeter around her digital recording.

Have a Podcast Blog

Web search tools can observe nothing in the iTunes Music Store, which is the place where its web recording postings live. That implies your digital broadcast won’t turn up in light of an inquiry regarding the matter that you’re discussing in that episode. Assuming you as of now have a blog, you can incorporate your web recording show notes and snap to-play interface there, rather than making another blog, however having a different show blog makes it simpler for audience members to observe the episodes they need.

Having an area name for the show blog which is equivalent to your show name likewise makes it simpler for individuals to track down you assuming they hear another person notice your show. Moreover, websites are modest and simple to set up. Having a show blog additionally makes it simple for audience members to remark, and for you to know which episode their remarks allude to. Your blog will tell you each opportunity a remark comes in.