Football Birthday Party Ideas -Sure to Make a Touchdown With All Your Guests

Football birthday party ideas are as plentiful as is the variety of team sports and athletic activities. If one is having a football party for kids, don’t forget the tiny footballs for prizes or just for having fun with in the backyard. Football cakes always go well after a game stimulates the appetite. The cake is also a fitting compliment to hotdogs or hamburgers.

Have the guests come dressed as their favorite football star, or dress ทางเข้า ufabet the room up in favorite football team colors. The same can be done with baseball, soccer and hockey. The activity for the party can be watching game bloopers on the television, or watching a game like the Grey Cup, Super Bowl or Rose Bowl when it plays. Having everyone get together to play a game is also fun, but in the case of hockey, unless it is road hockey, one needs to rent some ice time at the community rink. Sports party ideas where guests play mini golf can also be fun, in fact, making the course can take time but it is well worth it.

Lots of kids like to trade sports cards and collect team jerseys. Another great game to play is the sports trivial pursuit. You can buy it or make up a game yourself. If you are making it up yourself, get pictures of history’s great figures and find out who knows most of them.

Another way is to get information off the net and make cards up with the answers on the back. Cards can be made up of scores who was traded with who and sports figures that broke world records. A bit of star history can help fill out the game. It can take some imagination, but there is a lot one can do to create a sports birthday party. From board games to playing the sports outside, it is sure to be a party the birthday person will never forget.