Soccer Skills – Keepie-Uppie

eepie-Uppie, also spelt Keepy-Uppy, is the skill of juggling a soccer ball with any body part that is allowed to be used in soccer, usually your feet, knees, head and chest, while keeping the ball in momentum and in the air without it touching the ground. As with Soccer, the use of the hands and arms is not allowed.

The objective is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible or achieve as many consecutive touches as possible without the ball touching the ground. Keepie-Uppie is becoming a fundamental part of soccer skills training, as it improves skill, touch, ball control and fitness.

More recently the skill has become known as soccer freestyle, where an increasing number of tricks and flicks are used to juggle the ball and provide entertainment and competition, freestyle has been featured on many television programmes and adverts and the sport is becoming very popular.

Soccer Freestyle exponents such as John Farnworth who was crowned as World Soccer Freestyle Champion and recently entertained the crowds at the World Cup Final in South Africa, in addition to this performance, he entertains with his skill all over the world; other exponents include the ufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1 world-renowned football performer Mr. Woo are also leading the way for this relatively new sport.

When first attempting to keep the football in the air, much practice will be required, and for absolute beginners the main tip is to kick the ball with the middle part on the top of your foot, kicking the ball directly upwards. Practice keeping the ball under control, many hours of practice will be required to improve sufficiently before other tricks can be attempted.

Several world records for Keepie-Uppie exist, including the longest time the ball was kept in the air, this record is held by Dan Magness, who kept the ball in the air continuously for twenty-four hours, with an estimated 250,000 touches. The longest distance while with the ball in the air is also held by Magness, who completed thirty miles, while visiting all the London premier league football grounds still doing Keepie-Uppie. Records also exist for the fastest marathon while doing Keepie-Uppie and the longest time while lying on your back, and the most touches of the ball in sixty seconds.

While you may not achieve the great heights of the top freestylers or break any records, Keepie-